20nm NAND: 2011 Semiconductor of the Year

By Kevin Kilbuck - 2012-04-17

Memory doesn’t always get its due. It’s a foundational computing element and one of the key reasons everything is smaller, lighter, and faster than it used to be, but it’s usually the processors and end applications that get the credit. So when our JV with Intel pushed NAND to 20nm well ahead of competitors, we didn’t expect broad public acknowledgement. Today, our hardworking R&D teams get a little much-deserved recognition.

After analysis of more than a dozen competing technologies, UBM TechInsights has named Micron and Intel’s 20nm NAND technology Semiconductor of the Year. It’s a huge honor. The Insight Awards have been around for a decade and are highly respected in our industry, in no small part because their analysis is so technically insightful and thorough (see their EETimes Article for a brief sample).

But the award isn’t just interesting for those who can appreciate elegant semiconductor architecture—our breakthrough design has a real impact for end-users. The innovative cell architecture will allow 20nm NAND to closely match the performance and endurance rates of the last generation when it’s fully mature (that’s unheard of for NAND). It’s exactly those features that will drive even greater NAND adoption in the years ahead—and that’s the mark of a truly great technology.

Read the Press Release, learn more about our NAND process technology, or watch the video below for highlights from this morning’s awards ceremony.


Kevin Kilbuck

Kevin Kilbuck

Kevin is Micron Technology's Director of NAND Marketing.