An Enterprise-focused MLC SSD?

By Scott Shadley - 2011-09-15

The enterprise SSD market used to be seen as a single tier in the storage market—a cohesive, expensive grouping above other storage options. That’s no longer true. The enterprise SSD market is also segmenting, largely because SSDs deliver several key features—low latency, reliability, and low power, to name a few—that can make dramatic differences in enterprise effectiveness across multiple applications and workloads, but they’re the most effective when they’re designed for specific applications.

Today we announced a new SSD aimed squarely at the entry level of enterprise solid-state storage. Our new RealSSD™ P400e was built for key server and blade applications, including read caching, DAS, and as a boot drive for virtual desktop infrastructures. It’s a slot that many storage architects previously attempted to fill with client SSDs, which really aren’t meant to handle 24/7, always-on workloads. Our P400e, however, was designed specifically for this space, and its excellent IOPs-per-dollar performance and low TCO makes it an easy choice to replace enterprise hard drives.

In the video below, I provide a quick explanation of enterprise SSD tiers and explain some of the key product features of the P400e SSD. As always, you can learn more about the specs of the P400e drive on


Scott Shadley

Scott Shadley