For Data Centers, Consistency is Key

By Scott Shadley - 2011-10-24

It’s true that the SSD market puts a lot of emphasis on bigger, faster, better—the largest capacity, the highest IOPs, the highest endurance. But it’s not only about the latest, greatest, pegging-out-the-performance-curve product. Sometimes, it’s simply about doing key things well, over and over again. Dallas, Texas-based SoftLayer Technologies—the world’s largest privately owned hosting company—needed a scalable, reliable storage solution that they could count on across applications, whether they were running data sets or speeding up OS response times. So they ran a lot of tough stress tests with SSDs from multiple vendors, and at the end, our P300 stood out as the steady performer. Watch our interview with SoftLayer’s VP of Information Systems Jacob Linscott to learn more about how our enterprise-class Real SSD™ P300 nailed their performance curve, and where he thinks SSDs are headed for the future. Or read the Case Study.


Scott Shadley

Scott Shadley