Boise Mayor Visits with Micron Team Members about the Community

By Corporate Communication - 2011-10-07

Micron’s Political Action Committee (PAC) recently hosted a site visit by Boise Mayor David H. Bieter, where more than 70 Micron PAC members had an opportunity to interact with him and discuss the community and its future.Boise Mayor

“I want Boise to be the most livable city,” said Mayor Bieter. “We are at a critical time. We need to take what we can affect and do something with it… Similar to Micron, we need to keep our heads down and control what we can to come out ahead.”

In order to do this, he addressed that the city needs a business environment where companies can easily expand, a public transit rail system, a main public library that is first rate in order to promote knowledge and learning, and faith in our city, government and ourselves.

The Micron PAC is a bipartisan organization that supports federal congressional candidates and leaders who have worked to advance policy issues in support of the competitiveness of our industry. For Micron PAC members, it also gives them opportunities to get directly engaged with political representatives, government officials and other experts involved in the political issues affecting their daily lives.

Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication