Micron Team Members Donate Turkeys & Hams to Idaho Families

By Corporate Communication - 2011-11-16

In a Micron tradition that goes back for decades, team members recently donated 1,087 turkeys and 507 hams to families through The Idaho Foodbank. Since 2001, the donations have totaled to more than 18,000 turkeys and hams for Idaho families.

“During the holidays, it's a great time for Micron and our team members to give something back to the community especially during these challenging economic times,” said Dee Mooney, Executive Director of the Micron Foundation. “Today’s ham and turkey donation by our team members to The Idaho Foodbank is one of our favorite traditions to enrich the community.”


Boise Food Bank

The Idaho Foodbank President and CEO Karen Vauk helps Micron team members unload donated turkeys and hams into the Foodbank warehouse.

Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication