Micron’s Chip Camp Provides Exciting Science and Technology Activities for Middle School Students

By Corporate Communication - 2011-06-23

Micron Foundation recently celebrated its eleventh annual Chip Camp for Boise area seventh and eighth grade students introducing them to fun, hands-on science and engineering activities that are designed to make science and technology a stimulating experience, as well as expose students to the semiconductor industry, ideally influencing student course selection during high school to include challenging math and science course work.

This year’s three-day camp sessions ran from June 14-16 and June 21-23 at the Dehryl A. Dennis Professional Technology Center and concluded with a tour of the Micron campus where the students actually dress for and enter a cleanroom to see how contamination is controlled.

Check out a video at KBOI2’s website for an inside look of the stimulating hands-on activities.

Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication