A Trillion Bits on a Fingertip

By Mike Seibert - 2011-12-06

Finger and Die

A terabit in a single NAND package—that’s what our latest NAND will deliver. I think a lot of people have a hard time understanding how these numbers relate to the real world, though. Our new 128Gb 20nm device can store a terabit of data in a single package of just 8 die, but what does that mean? To put it in perspective, a terabit (128GB) is a HUGE amount of data—according to Tech Target, it’s more than enough to store all the contents of an entire library floor of academic journals (100GB)—reams of information all packed within a single NAND package. But you’re probably not storing thousands of academic journals. For you and me it means more storage for downloaded movies, music, e-books, and photos. You probably don’t know how many NAND die are in your phone or SSD, but you do know how much it cost, which is what process improvements like these provide—more cost-effective, better storage solutions. Intel and Micron continue to lead the industry in moving innovative new NAND solutions to production.


Die Comparison


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Mike Seibert

Mike Seibert