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WX Series

About Convey Computer Accelerator Products

The Convey WX Series

Hybrid-core Computing

Hybrid-core is a revolutionary technology that circumvents the performance limitations of today’s commodity systems. Each WX Series system marries an industry standard server with a Wolverine coprocessor - reconfigurable, application-specific hardware that dramatically accelerates applications.

The heterogeneous architecture of Convey’s hybrid-core systems combines the economies and programmability of industry standard processors with the performance and efficiency of a hardware-based, application-specific design.


  • Accelerates raw performance—FPGA-based accelerator combined with a high capacity, high-bandwidth memory subsystem dramatically increases performance.
  • Reduces cost of ownership—Energy efficient, the WX Series can reduce space, power, and cooling requirements up to 90% over racks of commodity servers.
  • Easy Deployment—Based on standard x86 server technology, Convey WX Series nodes can directly plug into an existing cluster infrastructure. Each Convey server replaces many standard servers, reducing power, cooling and floor space requirements.
  • Simplified development environment—Convey’s unique Globally Shared Virtual Memory (GSVM) allows the commodity host x86 processors and the on-board FPGAs to share the same virtual address space, simplifying software and hardware development efforts.

Advanced Acceleration Technology

The WX Series features the latest industry-standard multiprocessor x86 servers tightly integrated with FPGA-based Convey Wolverine accelerators. The Wolverine accelerators are based on a PCIe 3.0 card form factor, providing orders of magnitude of application acceleration in a compact, low-power package.

The WX Series servers utilize advanced Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGAs, providing a high-density, high-capacity fabric for reconfigurable computing logic. The servers feature a large globally shared virtual memory for easier application development and deployment.

Plug a WX Series server into your computing environment. From the interconnect fabric to job management and administration utilities, the only difference in appearance is the five- to ten-fold increase in applications performing on the node.

Don’t settle for incremental performance improvements using today’s commodity technology. Convey’s revolutionary hybrid-core systems give you better computing for better analytics.


Product Information

The Convey WX Series provides applicationspecific performance for HPC and data-intensive applications. Based on a industry standard servers, the Convey WX Series nodes can directly replace multiple “standard” servers, reducing power, cooling and floor space requirements.

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  • Updated: 10/29/2015