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About Convey Computer Accelerator Products

In spring of 2015, Micron acquired Convey Computer, a Richardson, Texas-based pioneer of hybrid-core computing. Their technology helps increase the speed of high-performance computers while significantly reducing energy consumption.

Micron continues to support and sell Convey’s legacy product line of accelerators (listed below). For support on these products, please contact us at amssupport@micron.com

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Convey Legacy Products

HC Series

The Convey HC-2 and HC-2ex accelerate computing by providing higher absolute performance, increased functionality, and improved efficiency.

View the HC Series

WX Series

Each WX Series system marries an industry standard server with a Wolverine coprocessor - reconfigurable, application-specific hardware that dramatically accelerates applications.

View the WX Series

Wolverine Coprocessors

Convey’s Wolverine family of coprocessors are compact, general purpose application accelerators that provide a “drop-in” performance boost, dramatically increasing the performance of x86 systems.

View Wolverine Coprocessors