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Inotera Is Now Micron

Inotera is now Micron
Inotera is now Micron. Taiwan-based Inotera Memories is a high-performance DRAM manufacturer.

Inotera’s manufacturing efficiency and operational excellence, combined with Micron’s long-term investment in next-generation technology, will enable us to continue to supply high-quality memory solutions that power our customers’ innovation.

As we work together to integrate our companies and solidify our eight-year partnership, collaboration will be our priority. We look forward to forging a long-term innovation path that sets up our company and our customers for continued success.


Inotera Acquisition FAQs

Inotera Acquisition(6)
Will Inotera’s company name change?
Inotera will remain the company name until March 2, 2017. The new name will then be Micron Technology Taiwan (MTTW).
I currently do business with Inotera; has their employee contact information changed?
You can continue to reach your contact at the same phone number and office location. Your contact should provide you with their new Micron email address to use moving forward.
What will become of Inotera’s purchase orders, invoice and payment systems/processes?
Inotera’s purchase orders, invoice and payment systems will remain the same until March 2, 2017, at which time they will transition to a Micron system.
What will become of Inotera’s legal agreements with its suppliers?
Current Inotera legal agreements will remain in effect and will be executed by Inotera. Any legal agreement renegotiation and/or modification will be conducted by Micron and Inotera with mutual agreement.
I do business with both Micron and Inotera; what terms and conditions will be used?
Existing legal agreements:
  1. Inotera terms and conditions will remain in effect through March 2, 2017.
  2. Micron terms and conditions will continue to apply to all Micron agreements.
Who do I contact to discuss a grant idea?
Local Community and K-12 grants, contact Kami Faylor (208) 363-3675

Higher Education grants, contact Janine Rush-Byers (208) 363-3675