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HC Series

About the Convey Computer Acquisition

The HC Series

The Convey HC-2 and HC-2ex accelerate computing by providing higher absolute performance, increased functionality, and improved efficiency. The Convey HC-2 systems increase application performance tens of times over commodity servers and 2-3 times over previous generations of Convey servers. Earlier versions of the Convey systems improved performance-critical portions of the application on the coprocessor, achieving order of magnitude accelerations. Convey's HC Series of hybrid-core systems attain even greater acceleration by vastly increasing performance on the entire application — even those portions not assigned to the coprocessor.



White Paper
Constantly increasing network traffic and rapidly growing datasets present ever increasing scaling challenges for memcached, a high-performance, distributed memory caching system used by most of the top web sites in the world. Convey’s hybrid-core technology provides a solution.
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  • Updated: 10/29/2015
White Paper
Convey hybrid-core computers tightly integrate an FPGA-based, reconfigurable coprocessor with industry standard Intel® processors in a standard rack-mountable enclosure.
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  • Updated: 10/29/2015