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Ultrathin Solutions

Ultrathin Solutions

Delivering the Ultimate Ultrathin Experience

If you’re designing an Ultrabook™ device, a convertible, or a tablet, we provide industry-leading solutions that enable the features consumers demand—instant-on response, fast application load times, longer battery life, and sleeker designs.

Design Attributes

Battery Life


Deliver the powerful, responsive computing experience users expect from ultrathins.

Data Protection

Data Protection

Provide thin, lightweight, reliable designs that can withstand rugged conditions.

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Global Customer Labs

We have eight Global Customer Labs strategically located close to your design and manufacturing teams to foster collaboration from the inception of your designs, through the product execution phase.

Learn more about our customer labs

Storage Executive Software

Download this free software and get a powerful tool to help you manage your Micron SSDs. Monitor your drive’s health, sanitize (erase) your drive, check your drive status, generate reports, and perform firmware updates.

Learn more about Storage Executive

Transform Client Computing With Next-Generation M600 SSD

Micron’s M600 SATA SSD is built using our award-winning 16nm NAND Flash to provide our greatest advancement in client SSD technology yet.

Learn more about the M600

Once the FBI Has a Backdoor into Your Smartphone, Everyone Does

Read what Micron storage expert, Jon Tanguy, has to say about SEDs and backdoors in smartphones.

Read the full Computerworld article

Deliver More Efficiency and Security with M550 SATA SSD

Our M550 drive is currently one of the fastest-performing SATA SSDs in the industry. It delivers higher performance, increased power savings, and advanced security features.

Read more about the M550 SSD

The Ultimate Ultrathin Experience


Serial NOR Flash for Ultrathin Devices

"I appreciate Micron's expertise in the SPI Flash device technology space and their support of the [RPMC] feature for the Intel platform prototype validation."

Read the full TweakTown article

Mono-what Counter?

Today, we’ve released the industry’s first SPI Flash memory device available with an integrated...

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Our SSDs leverage the SATA 6 Gb/s interface to provide outstanding performance for enterprise blade servers and system storage.

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DDR3 SDRAM is the high-performance memory solution for desktop, notebook, and server computing systems. DDR3 is an excellent foundation for high performance and leading-edge quality designs.

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Serial NOR Flash

Serial NOR Flash

Our serial NOR Flash products simplify your design process with an industry-standard interface with SOIC and ultrathin packaging (CSP, DFN or KGD) while offering extended voltage and temperature ranges. If you’re looking for small-footprint, low-power, and cost-effective serial NOR Flash memory, one of our solutions is the right choice for your next design.

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With densities of up to 16GB and data rates as high as 2400 MT/s, our small-outline DIMMs (SODIMMs) are an excellent choice for space-limited computing designs including standard notebooks, ultrathin laptops, and tablets.

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Documentation & Resources

Part Numbering Guide (1)
Title & Description Updated Type
SSD Part Numbering System (pdf) Part numbering guide for SSD products 11/2015 Part Numbering Guide Add Email
Presentation (2)
Title & Description Updated Type
N25Q SPI Flash Packages for Ultrathin PCs (pdf) Micron products offer the best available package solutions for PCB layout solutions 01/2013 Presentation Add Email
Measuring Enterprise SSD Performance (pdf) Measuring Enterprise SSD Performance presentation from Flash Memory Summit 2011 08/2011 Presentation Add Email
Product Flyer (10)
Title & Description Updated Type
Networking Solutions Guide (pdf) This guide outlines our various solutions—from DRAM components and modules to NOR and NAND Flash to solid state drives (SSDs)—available for networking applications. 10/2015 Product Flyer Add Email
Micron M500 SSD Product Brief (pdf) Micron's M500 SSD meets the increasingly demanding needs of mobile computing 03/2015 Product Flyer Add Email
M510 SATA SSD Product Brief (pdf) Micron’s M510 SATA SSD provides the performance and reliability of a proven Micron SSD platform. 03/2015 Product Flyer Add Email
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Software & Firmware (35)
Title & Description Updated Type
M600 Rev. MU03 Bootable Media Firmware Update (iso) Firmware update bootable image for M600 parts with standard firmware. This iso image file may be loaded to bootable media such as a CD-R or a USB drive using third-party tools. The firmware update will be verified and performed automatically when the system is booted using the prepared bootable media. Download the technical note for firmware update instructions. 09/2015 Software & Firmware Add Email
TN-FD-30: Firmware Update Instructions for Client SSDs (pdf) This document describes how to perform firmware updates on Micron's client SSDs installed in personal computing environments.
04/2015 Software & Firmware Add Email
M600 Rev. MU03 Manual Firmware Update (zip) Firmware update package for M600 parts with standard firmware. This package is usable through the manual update option of Micron’s Storage Executive software. Download the technical note for firmware update instructions. 01/2015 Software & Firmware Add Email
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Technical Marketing Brief (7)
Title & Description Updated Type
TCO Ramifications of SSD Write Endurance (pdf) This paper explains when it is most economical to purchase a low-cost, lower-endurance SSD versus a more expensive, higher-endurance SSD. 10/2014 Technical Marketing Brief Add Email
Optimized Client Computing With Dynamic Write Acceleration (pdf) Micron's new dynamic write accleration feature for SSDs delivers dramatic improvements in energy consumption and performance for client computing. 09/2014 Technical Marketing Brief Add Email
Securely Erasing Micron's SATA SSDs (pdf) Micron's SSDs provide very effective and efficient means to ensure that user data is securely erased from a data storage device. 07/2014 Technical Marketing Brief Add Email
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Technical Note (8)
Title & Description Updated Type
TN-FD-28: Installing Micron SEDs in Windows 8 and 10 (pdf) This technical note describes the proper installation and operation of Windows BitLocker in hardware encryption mode.
08/2015 Technical Note Add Email
TN-FD-32: Enhancing Burst Performance on SSDs with Momentum Cache (pdf) This technical note describes how an intelligent software driver called Momentum Cache dynamically leverages unused system resources to enhance burst performance on supported Micron and Crucial SSDs.
05/2015 Technical Note Add Email
TN-FD-22: Client SSD SMART Attribute Reference (pdf) This technical note describes the SMART feature set available for Micron's client SSDs.
12/2014 Technical Note Add Email
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