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Enterprise Storage

Enterprise SSD Storage

Simple Management, Even at a Massive Scale

Meet the 24/7 demands of data center and enterprise storage applications with high-value, enterprise-class SSDs. Our enterprise SSDs deliver high performance, reliability, and endurance, along with enhanced protection for mission-critical data, to keep your business ahead of the curve. With Micron SSDs, you also get world-class support and proven quality and reliability from a vertically integrated NAND Flash manufacturer.

Design Attributes



Improve data transfer times and maximize throughput.

vertical integration

Vertical Integration

Rely on our drive and media-level expertise to help optimize your data center.

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Storage Executive Software

Download this free software and get a powerful tool to help you manage your Micron SSDs. Monitor your drive’s health, sanitize (erase) your drive, check your drive status, generate reports, and perform firmware updates.

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Powering Lenovo’s Scalable System X: Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse Architecture

Designed to speed time-to-value for data warehouse query workloads, Lenovo’s scalable reference architecture delivers optimal data compression and sub-second response times. Learn how the M500DC helps make it happen.

Download the solution brief

SilverDraft Brings You Advanced Video Rendering with Micron SSDs

SilverDraft uses Micron SSDs to create a winning combination for filmmakers and video production professionals who need extreme performance technology.

Read the full ZDNet article

LexisNexis + Micron SSDs = Faster, More Reliable Big Data Analytics

LexisNexis implemented a storage solution in their big data platform using M500 SSDs to boost the performance of their systems.

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Enterprise SSDs Make Multibillion-Dollar Fab Fly


PCIe SSD Installation Is Easy: Part 1

PCI Express (PCIe) SSDs are like a good cup of French Roast coffee with a nice, fresh bagel on a...

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World-Class IaaS Provider CloudSigma Runs on Micron SSDs

CloudSigma implements a storage solution in their IaaS platform using M500 SSDs to meet their customers' needs.

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Webinar: 3 Keys To Choosing the Right Server Flash

In this webinar, Micron and Storage Switzerland demonstrate the importance of understanding the workload first, selecting the right flash use method, and selecting the right flash hardware.

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Micron P420m 1.4TB PCIe Enterprise SSD Review

Micron's P420m utilizes 25nm MLC NAND to deliver a competitive product for mainstream enterprise storage usage. Let's take a close look at it now.

Read the full TweakTown article

Not All SSDs Are Created Equal: Optimizing Performance Through Flash Management

To get the most out of solid state storage, you must be privy to a little secret: not all solid state drives (SSDs) are created equal. Optimal SSD performance and...

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Get outstanding random write performance, enhanced endurance, and robust features at a competitive price for enteprise servers and system storage with our M500DC SATA SSD.

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P320h 2.5-inch PCIe SSD


Get ultra-high-endurance for enterprise applications like servers, virtualization appliances, media streaming applications, and video-on-demand systems with our P320h PCIe SSD.

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P410m SSD


Get industry-leading reliability and endurance for your mission-critical storage solutions with our P410m SAS SSD.

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P420m SSD


Deliver constant, steady performance to your enterprise servers, hot data cache systems, and online transaction processing applications with our P420m PCIe SSD.

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Micron Valued Partner Program

Micron Valued Partner

Industry-leading OEM, software, and hardware partners are collaborating with Micron in the "Storage Alliance" to deliver high-performance enterprise, hyperscale, and client solutions.

View the Storage Alliance partner directory and find the right solution for your unique business needs.

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The Channel Partner MVP program is designed for e-tailers, retailers, resellers, and distributors that sell memory and storage products to businesses, government agencies, and consumers.

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Learn about our Micron Valued Partner Programs

Documentation & Resources

Case Study (7)
Title & Description Updated Type
Accelerating NoSQL Databases With Aerospike and Micron PCIe SSDs (pdf) Aerospike is an open-source NoSQL database designed for real-time big data requiring “right now” responsiveness. Learn how Micron PCIe SSDs help Aerospike deliver the lightning-quick performance required for real-time applications. 01/2015 Case Study Add Email
World-Class IaaS Provider CloudSigma Runs on Micron SSDs - A Micron/CloudSigma Case Study (pdf) IaaS provider, CloudSigma, uses Micron's M500 SSDs to scale out and scale up to support the easy addition of compute and/or storage resources on-demand and on-the-fly. 07/2014 Case Study Add Email
LexisNexis + Micron SSDs = Faster, More Reliable Big Data Analytics (pdf) The reliability and performance of Micron’s M500 SSDs help LexisNexis Risk Solutions deliver authentication and risk assessment data on time. 07/2014 Case Study Add Email
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Product Flyer (13)
Title & Description Updated Type
Networking Solutions Guide (pdf) This guide outlines our various solutions—from DRAM components and modules to NOR and NAND Flash to solid state drives (SSDs)—available for networking applications. 03/2015 Product Flyer Add Email
M500DC SATA Solid State Drive (SSD) Product Brief (pdf) M500DC enterprise SATA SSD delivers enhanced performance, optimized endurance, and data protection to data center applications. 12/2014 Product Flyer Add Email
Micron P420m PCIe SSD Product Brief (pdf) The P420m solid state drive (SSD) uses Micron’s cost-effective 25nm multilevel cell (MLC) NAND to deliver enterprise-class PCIe performance at a price accessible to the mainstream market 05/2014 Product Flyer Add Email
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Software & Firmware (7)
Title & Description Updated Type
Storage Executive Software Overview Learn about and download Micron’s Storage Executive software, which offers an easy interface to analyze and manage our SATA drives. 02/2015 Software & Firmware Add Email
Storage Executive Software_Linux 32-bit (zip) Executable tool for easy SSD firmware update on Linux systems. 01/2015 Software & Firmware Add Email
Storage Executive Software_Windows 64-bit (zip) Executable tool for easy SSD firmware update on Windows systems. 01/2015 Software & Firmware Add Email
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Technical Marketing Brief (20)
Title & Description Updated Type
Micron P420m PCIe SSD and Microsoft SQL Server 2014: An Ideal Match for OLTP Workloads (pdf) This technical brief provides an overview of what makes our P420m PCIe SSD an ideal storage solution for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 in OLTP workloads. 03/2015 Technical Marketing Brief Add Email
Advantages of Micron SSDs for Data Centers (pdf) Learn how Micron’s broad portfolio of solid state drives provides the right storage solutions to meet the diverse requirements of today’s data centers and data centers of the future. 02/2015 Technical Marketing Brief Add Email
TCO Ramifications of SSD Write Endurance (pdf) This paper explains when it is most economical to purchase a low-cost, lower-endurance SSD versus a more expensive, higher-endurance SSD. 10/2014 Technical Marketing Brief Add Email
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Technical Note (8)
Title & Description Updated Type
M500DC SSD SMART Implimentation – SMART Command Feature Set for the M500DC (pdf) This technical note provides the self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology (SMART) command (B0h) feature set for the M500DC.
08/2014 Technical Note Add Email
P320h/P420m SSD Performance Optimization and Testing (pdf) This technical note describes how to optimize and test the performance of the Micron P320h and P420m SSDs.
04/2014 Technical Note Add Email
TN-FD-14: P400m SSD SMART Implementation for FW0100/0200/0225 (pdf) This technical note provides the SMART command (0xB0) feature set for the P400m SSD Firmware 0100, 0200, and 0225.
06/2013 Technical Note Add Email
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Tool (3)
Title & Description Updated Type
P420m/P320h PCIe SSD Boot Drive Installation Guide (pdf) This document provides instructions for deploying a P420m or P320h PCIe SSD as a boot drive for Windows and Linux operating systems. 12/2014 Tool Add Email
PCIe SSD HHHL Installation Guide (pdf) This document describes how to install a P420m and P320h HHHL PCIe NAND Flash solid state drive (SSD). 12/2014 Tool Add Email
Micron PCIe SSD Compatibility Guide The PCIe SSD compatibility guide is a list of platforms in which Micron has confirmed interoperability with our PCIe SSDs. 12/2014 Tool Add Email
White Paper (3)
Title & Description Updated Type
How Micron SSDs Handle Unexpected Power Loss (pdf) This paper discusses the data protection schemes employed by Micron's SSDs to protect against unexpected power loss. 02/2015 White Paper Add Email
How System Settings Impact PCIe SSD Performance (pdf) This white paper discusses various system settings that can be tuned and adjusted to achieve maximum performance from PCIe SSDs. 08/2012 White Paper Add Email
SSD Performance States (pdf) Discusses performance states for NAND-based SSDs and discusses performance measured as variability over time and amount of data written. 04/2011 White Paper Add Email