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Enterprise Storage



Hunting, crunching and delivering answers in real time with flash storage.




Get the full benefits of hardware-based encryption with self-encrypted drives.
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Reap reductions in power consumption and overall storage costs.



Improve data transfer times and maximize throughput.

vertical integration

Vertical Integration

Rely on our drive and media-level expertise to help optimize your data center.

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Articles, Blogs, and Videos


Optimizing Database Workloads – an SSD I/O Perspective

As follow-on to my June post about Understanding Effective Workloads, I wanted to spend some time...

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How Do You Take Your VSAN?

It might not be as easy as placing an order at your nearest coffee shop, but the pervasiveness of...

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Taking the Storage Revolution on the Road This Fall

We’ve teamed up with WPG Americas to offer our first-ever joint roadshow event, The Future is...

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Micron Breaks Down Language Barriers

A medical device maker has turned to Micron to meet its multiple memory and storage requirements, which include DRAM and SSDs.

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Get Faster Decision Support With Micron’s M510DC Enterprise SSD in Microsoft SQL Server

Enterprise-grade SSDs have become a mainstay of IT’s data centers. Because they have no moving...

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The Resurgence of PostgreSQL, When Used With Flash Storage

PostgreSQL, one of the original open-source relational database management systems (RDBMS), is...

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Not All 3D is Created Equal

If you follow these things, then you know that 3D NAND has the industry buzzing. Of course it...

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Doug’s IT Tech Tip: Why You Need to Use Flash for Virtualization

“Latency kills revenues.” If you had the pleasure of attending VMworld in San Francisco this...

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2015: The Summer of SOLID

We had a very busy summer, one that reached its high point in mid-August with the Flash Memory...

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A SOLID Showing at Flash Memory Summit

The Flash Memory Summit is one of the most significant conferences held annually to address the...

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Join Us Online to Simplify SQL Management to Save Time and Money

Businesses don’t stand still, and database administrators need to keep one step ahead just to...

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Realizing the Future With Next-Generation Memories

Today we wear more computing power and have more communication capability on our wrists than...

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Get outstanding random write performance, enhanced endurance, and robust features at a competitive price for enterprise servers and system storage with our M500DC SATA SSD.

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M600 SSD


Meet the read-heavy demands of data center appliances, content delivery networks, virtual environments, or database management with our cost-effective M510DC SSD.

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P320h 2.5-inch PCIe SSD


Get ultra-high-endurance for enterprise applications like servers, virtualization appliances, media streaming applications, and video-on-demand systems with our P320h PCIe SSD.

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P410m SSD


Get industry-leading reliability and endurance for your mission-critical storage solutions with our P410m SAS SSD.

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P420m SSD


Deliver constant, steady performance to your enterprise servers, hot data cache systems, and online transaction processing applications with our P420m PCIe SSD.

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Micron Valued Partner Program

Micron Valued Partner

Industry-leading OEM, software, and hardware partners are collaborating with Micron in the "Storage Alliance" to deliver high-performance enterprise, hyperscale, and client solutions.

View the Storage Alliance partner directory and find the right solution for your unique business needs.

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The Channel Partner MVP program is designed for e-tailers, retailers, resellers, and distributors that sell memory and storage products to businesses, government agencies, and consumers.

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Learn about our Micron Valued Partner Programs


Case Study (11)
Title & Description Updated Type
MedVet Credits Micron M510DC SSD With Increasing Their Revenue in a Flash (pdf) Learn how Micron's M510DC SSDs helped MedVet improve the streaming time of high-resolution images from X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRI scans, saving significant time and increasing revenue. 07/2015 Case Study Add Email
Clayton Bank and Trust Reaps Performance Benefits and Cost Savings With Micron M510DC SSD (pdf) Learn how Micron's M510DC SSDs helped Clayton Bank and Trust address their need for write endurance and enterprise data path protection at a considerable cost savings compared to consumer-grade SSDs. 07/2015 Case Study Add Email
ATPCO Airfare Analysis Tools Soar to New Heights With Micron P420m SSD (pdf) Learn how ATPCO ensured faster availability of data in their airfare analysis tools using Micron's P420m PCIe SSDs, helping their customers be more competitive in the market. 05/2015 Case Study Add Email
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Product Flyer (11)
Title & Description Updated Type
Networking Solutions Guide (pdf) This guide outlines our various solutions—from DRAM components and modules to NOR and NAND Flash to solid state drives (SSDs)—available for networking applications. 10/2015 Product Flyer Add Email
S600 Series SAS SSD Product Brief (pdf) An overview of the features that the M600 Series of SAS SSDs provides for business-critical applications. 09/2015 Product Flyer Add Email
M500DC SATA SSD Product Brief (pdf) An overview of how the M500DC enterprise SATA SSD delivers enhanced performance, optimized endurance, and data protection to data center applications. 09/2015 Product Flyer Add Email
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Software & Firmware (9)
Title & Description Updated Type
Support Pack Version 145.07.00_Windows Release for Distribution (zip) Support Pack Version 145.07.00 Windows - Contains drivers, RSSDM, Install Guides 06/2015 Software & Firmware Add Email
Support Pack Version 145.07.00_Linux_VMware Release for Distribution. (gz) Support Pack Version 145.07.00_Linux_VMware - Contains, Drivers, RSSDM, Install Guides 06/2015 Software & Firmware Add Email
Storage Executive Software for Linux 32-bit systems (zip) Executable tool for easy SSD firmware update on Linux 32-bit systems. 06/2015 Software & Firmware Add Email
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Technical Marketing Brief (31)
Title & Description Updated Type
NAND Flash Media Management Through RAIN (pdf) This brief describes the general concept of RAIN (redundant array of independent NAND) protection in enterprise solid state drives (SSDs) and details how this technology benefits Micron's RealSSD products. 09/2015 Technical Marketing Brief Add Email
Six Reasons Why Your Enterprise Servers Should Boot From Micron's M500DC Enhanced Data Center SSDs (pdf) Learn the six things that make Micron's M500DC enhanced data center SSD a preferred platform boot device. 08/2015 Technical Marketing Brief Add Email
Micron M500DC Enterprise SSD Accelerates Common MongoDB Workloads (pdf) Learn how Micron's M500DC Enterprise SSD improves common MongoDB workload performance as much as 262% and lowers latency 90% versus enterprise disk arrrays 07/2015 Technical Marketing Brief Add Email
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Technical Note (8)
Title & Description Updated Type
TN-FD-26: M500DC SSD SMART Implimentation (pdf) This technical note provides the self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology (SMART) command (B0h) feature set for the M500DC SSD.
08/2014 Technical Note Add Email
TN-FD-15: P320h/P420m SSD Performance Optimization and Testing (pdf) This technical note describes how to optimize and test the performance of the Micron P320h and P420m SSDs.
04/2014 Technical Note Add Email
TN-FD-14: P400m SSD SMART Implementation FW0100/0200/0225 (pdf) This technical note provides the SMART command (B0h) feature set for the P400m SSD with firmware 0100, 0200, and 0225.
06/2013 Technical Note Add Email
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Tool (3)
Title & Description Updated Type
P420m/P320h PCIe SSD Boot Drive Installation Guide (pdf) This document provides instructions for deploying a P420m or P320h PCIe SSD as a boot drive for Windows and Linux operating systems. 12/2014 Tool Add Email
P410m Compatibility Guide The P410m compatibility guide is a list of platforms in which Micron has confirmed interoperability with our P410m SSDs. 12/2014 Tool Add Email
Micron PCIe SSD Compatibility Guide The PCIe SSD compatibility guide is a list of platforms in which Micron has confirmed interoperability with our PCIe SSDs. 12/2014 Tool Add Email
White Paper (4)
Title & Description Updated Type
It’s Time to Move Your Critical Data to SSDs (pdf) This white paper explores the growing use of SSDs in building better data storage platforms and their ability to improve the total cost of ownership (TCO) for enterprise data storage solutions. 07/2015 White Paper Add Email
How Micron SSDs Handle Unexpected Power Loss (pdf) This paper discusses the data protection schemes employed by Micron's SSDs to protect against unexpected power loss. 02/2015 White Paper Add Email
How System Settings Impact PCIe SSD Performance (pdf) This white paper discusses various system settings that can be tuned and adjusted to achieve maximum performance from PCIe SSDs. 08/2012 White Paper Add Email
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