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Your Innovation, Our Memory

Your Innovation, Our Memory

Emerging technologies require innovation on a whole new scale. See how we partner closely with our customers to gain unique insights about how we can optimize our memory solutions to enable your innovations—and help you change the world.

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Memory for Automotive

Memory for Automotive

Technology is reshaping the concept of driving. Automakers are developing countless new driver-assistance features and systems. See how Micron’s memory solutions are helping to enable these new supercomputing capabilities.

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About Micron

Where there's memory, there's Micron

Engineered for Innovation

For more than 30 years Micron has redefined innovation by designing, developing, and manufacturing some of the world’s most advanced technologies.

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Elpida is Now Micron

Elpida Is Now Micron

With the combined strength of our products, technology, and team members—our customers now have access to the broadest portfolio of best-in-class technology.

About the acquisition

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Next-Generation Bandwidth

The mobility revolution continues to drive the exploding demand for networking bandwidth. We’re addressing this challenge with new memory solutions that deliver equally revolutionary results.

Design Attributes
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Documentation and Resources


Our customer and ecosystem partner collaboration improves product reliability and compatibility and optimizes time to market and design costs.


Our high performance memory delivers faster data packet processing, buffering, and storage.

Articles, Blogs, and Videos for Networking Innovations

Industry's First 8Gb Monolithic DDR3

Our 8Gb Monolithic DDR3 is a high-density, low-power server solution for cloud and high-performance computing (HPC)—pushing the envelope in key areas like efficiency, density, affordability, and performance.

   About more about 8Gb Monolithic DDR3

Intel's Xeon Phi™ performance unleashed by on-package memory

Knights Landing, Intel’s next-generation Xeon Phi™ CPU architecture, leverages the fundamental DRAM and stacking technologies found in our Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) products.

   Learn more about our collaboration with Intel

Hybrid Memory Cube

Hybrid Memory Cube Samples Now Available

Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) represents an entirely new leap forward in memory technology. It combines high-speed logic and DRAM layers into one optimized 3D package that leverages through-silicon via (TSV) technology.

   Learn more about Hybrid Memory Cube

HMC Arrives Just in Time to Be Your New Standard for Memory Performance

Time-to-market and the ability to “tweak” an existing design to achieve that next level of performance are paramount for system architects, board designers, l...   Read the full blog post

A Full House - 1 GHz Rounds Out DDR3 Portfolio

Our latest DRAM product rounds out our DDR3 offering in a big way for high-end networking and graphics customers. These new 1066MHz, 2133 MT/s data rate DDR3 devices can ...   Read the full blog post

Micron Tells Story of Building DRAM Cube

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube — a 4 GByte stack of DRAM die on a 160 GByte/second interface now sampling to a few close partners -- almost didn't happen.

   Read the full EETimes article

Next-Gen, High-End Networking

Today, Micron and Xilinx jointly announced our hardware demonstration of an FPGA interfacing to RLDRAM® 3 memory. For us, this announcement is exciting because it's a...   Read the full blog post

RLDRAM Forges Ahead

Our RLDRAM memory is better than ever—with a roadmap that includes next-generation RLDRAM 3 and extended support for our current-generation RLDRAM 2 memory.

   View our RLDRAM roadmap

Customer-Focused Collaborations

Collaborating with strategic partners is what we do. Our relationships with preferred partners and key enablers are a top priority.

   Learn about our Partner Ecosystem

Parts for Networking Innovations
Client SSD
Client SSD

Our Client SSDs bring groundbreaking performance and optimum portability to laptops and other computing applications.

See parts in the Client SSD part catalog related to this topic.

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DDR3 SDRAM is the high-performance memory solution for desktop, notebook, and server computing systems. DDR3 is an excellent foundation for high performance and leading-edge quality designs.

See parts in the DDR3 SDRAM part catalog related to this topic.

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vlp mini rdimm

At just 82mm in length, MiniDIMMs shave more than 51mm off the length of a standard DIMM.

See parts in the Mini DIMM part catalog related to this topic.

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RLDRAM® memory combines high density, high bandwidth, and fast SRAM-like random access for networking, image processing, and cache applications.

See parts in the RLDRAM Memory part catalog related to this topic.

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Enterprise SATA SSD

Our enterprise-class SSDs leverage the SATA 6 Gb/s interface to provide outstanding performance for enterprise blade servers and system storage.

See parts in the Enterprise SATA SSD part catalog related to this topic.

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vlp rdimm

Registered DIMMs isolate the command, address, and clock signals, which reduces system loading and allows more modules on a given system. And, with a height of 18.29mm, also improves airflow and saves board space.

See parts in the VLP RDIMM part catalog related to this topic.

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vlp rdimm

VLP UDIMMs provide low profile, a cost-effective, reliable memory solution for a wide range of applications.

See parts in the VLP UDIMM part catalog related to this topic.

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Documentation and Resources for Networking Innovations
Other Documents (2)
Title & Description Secure ID# Updated Type
AddNetworking Solutions Guide: (PDF 240.27 KB)This guide outlines Micron’s various solutions—from DRAM components and modules to NOR and NAND Flash to solid state drives (SSDs)—available for networking applications. 06/2013
AddDDR3 Networking Module Summary: (PDF 185.18 KB) 01/2013
Power Calculator (2)
Title & Description Secure ID# Updated Type
AddRLDRAM 3 Power Calculator: (XLSX 180.51 KB) 07/2014
AddRLDRAM 2 Power Calculator: (XLS 281 KB) 08/2011
Product Flyer (6)
Title & Description Secure ID# Updated Type
AddDRAM for Every Design: Micron DRAM Module Form Factors Quick Reference Guide: (PDF 93.24 KB)Accelerate your time-to-market with quality DRAM modules rigorously tested for reliability in a wide range of applications. From the cost-sensitive needs of consumer computing to the extreme temperature and performance needs of industrial applications to the exacting specifications of enterprise systems, we have the right solution for your design. 10/2014
AddHMC High-Performance Memory Brochure: (PDF 1.75 MB) Overview of Micron’s Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC), including key benefits, applications, and specifications. 09/2014
AddRLDRAM Memory Flyer : (PDF 197.28 KB)Describes the high-bandwidth, low-latency, high-density features of RLDRAM 3 and RLDRAM 2 memory 08/2014
AddNetworking Segment Flyer : (PDF 601.29 KB)A snapshot of industry trends, the role of memory, and what Micron has to offer for enterprise storage applications—from public and private cloud, virtualization, and big data, to de-duplication, data warehouseing, and data analytics. 08/2014
AddLPDRAM for Mobile and Embedded Applications : (PDF 345.17 KB) This flyer highlights the key advantages of designing Micron’s low-power (LPDRAM) into mobile and embedded applications. 05/2014
AddHybrid Memory Cube: A New Standard for Performance, Power, Reliability, and Cost: (PDF 52.84 KB)Micron’s Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) introduces a fundamental and revolutionary change in DRAM architecture that's unlike anything on the market today. Winner of The Linley Group's "Best Technology of 2011" award. 04/2013
Technical Note (1)
Title & Description Secure ID# Updated Type
AddCalculating Memory System Power for RLDRAM 2: (PDF 1.77 MB)Details how RLDRAM 2 devices consume power and provides tools to estimate power consumption TN-49-04 10/2012

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All Topics Under Products and Support
Automotive Solutions

With Micron, you don’t just get a memory supplier—you get a long-term partner with a complete portfolio of stable and reliable automotive solutions and the technical expertise to help optimize your design.

Personal Storage

In the client SSD storage segment, the focus is on everything ultrathin—sleek, thin, and fast Ultrabook™ devices, ultrathin clients, convertibles, and tablets.

Data Center

Data centers are rapidly moving toward massive scale and efficiency—a transformation driven by virtualization, centralization, and cloud computing.


Today’s embedded systems are facing growing computational challenges. Our innovative memory solutions can help you deliver higher performance, efficiency, and reliability in your application.

Enterprise Storage

Made for the big demands of enterprise-class applications, our SSDs deliver high performance and reliability, superior data protection, and optimal endurance to support the enterprise infrastructure.

Mobile Memory Solutions

Our low-power memory enables you to provide advanced products that deliver the kind of rich, immersive mobile experience that users expect.

Supercomputing Memory

To support the sophisticated capabilities and rigorous requirements of high-performance supercomputing platforms, we offer best-in-class solutions that deliver power efficiency, performance, and reliability for critical workloads.

Ultrathin Solutions

If you’re designing an Ultrabook™ device, a convertible, or a tablet, we provide industry-leading solutions that enable the features consumers demand—instant-on response, fast application load times, longer battery life, and sleeker designs.

Enterprise Storage

Built to withstand the big demands of virtualized environments, our high-IOPS, low-latency SSDs can dramatically reduce storage bottlenecks and improve performance and efficiency in virtualized servers, applications, and desktops.