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Your Innovation, Our Memory

Your Innovation, Our Memory

Emerging technologies require innovation on a whole new scale. See how we partner closely with our customers to gain unique insights about how we can optimize our memory solutions to enable your innovations—and help you change the world.

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Memory for Automotive

Memory for Automotive

Technology is reshaping the concept of driving. Automakers are developing countless new driver-assistance features and systems. See how Micron’s memory solutions are helping to enable these new supercomputing capabilities.

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About Micron

Where there's memory, there's Micron

Engineered for Innovation

For more than 30 years Micron has redefined innovation by designing, developing, and manufacturing some of the world’s most advanced technologies.

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Elpida is Now Micron

Elpida Is Now Micron

With the combined strength of our products, technology, and team members—our customers now have access to the broadest portfolio of best-in-class technology.

About the acquisition

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Purpose-Built Flash Storage

Adapting your data center to meet your customer’s demands requires a well-planned storage design. Micron can provide the right enterprise storage products and system expertise to help you hit your performance, reliability, and cost targets.

Articles, Blogs, and Videos
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Do more work with every U of rack space.


Micron Flash storage is reliable and easy to manage.

Stability and Longevity


High-performance storage removes bottlenecks and extends server life.

Articles, Blogs, and Videos for Enterprise Storage

SilverDraft Brings You Advanced Video Rendering with Micron SSDs

SilverDraft uses Micron SSDs to create a winning combination for filmmakers and video production professionals who need extreme performance technology.    Read the full ZDNet article


LexisNexis + Micron SSDs = Faster, More Reliable Big Data Analytics

LexisNexis implemented a storage solution in their big data platform using M500 SSDs to boost the performance of their systems without losing any reliability or compromising the security of sensitive data.

   Read the full case study

Enterprise SSDs Make Multibillion-Dollar Fab Fly

Micron’s own IS team reworked their fab data center architecture using P400m SATA SSDs to gain better performance and reliability.

   Read the full case study

PCIe SSD Installation Is Easy: Part 1

PCI Express (PCIe) SSDs are like a good cup of French Roast coffee with a nice, fresh bagel on a crisp winter’s morning…when the sun’s just coming...   Read the full blog post

World-Class IaaS Provider CloudSigma Runs on Micron SSDs

CloudSigma implements a storage solution in their IaaS platform using M500 SSDs to meet their customers' needs.

   Read the full case study

Webinar: 3 Keys To Choosing the Right Server Flash

In this webinar, Micron and Storage Switzerland demonstrate the importance of understanding the workload first, selecting the right flash use method, and selecting the right flash hardware.    Register for the webinar

Micron P420m 1.4TB PCIe Enterprise SSD Review

Micron's P420m utilizes 25nm MLC NAND to deliver a competitive product for mainstream enterprise storage usage. Let's take a close look at it now.

   Read the full TweakTown article

Tackling Fast-Moving Big Data Problems with an SSD Architecture

Dstillery uses proprietary algorithms and a robust computing architecture with Micron SSDs to make billions of complex data connections each day, connecting their customers with exactly the right audiences.

   Read the Micron/Dstillery case study

Not All SSDs Are Created Equal – Part 1: Optimizing Performance Through Flash Management

To get the most out of solid state storage, you must be privy to a little secret: not all solid state drives (SSDs) are created equal. Optimal SSD performa...   Read the full blog post

Review: 2.5” PCIe in Dell’s R720 Server

See why Storage Review says Micron hot-swappable PCIe SSDs make the Dell PowerEdge R720 one of the fastest 2U storage platforms on the market.

   Read the Storage Review article

Minimize the Impact of VDI Boot Storms

Micron PCIe SSDs can be recognized as virtual storage so that virtual machines can take advantage of their much faster performance, especially during peak traffic events like boot storms (when a large number of users attempt to access the same electronic resource at once).

   Read the full blog post

Products for Enterprise Storage
Enterprise PCIe SSD

Our low-latency, high-IOPS SSDs provide excellent READ throughput, extended endurance, exceptional reliability, and remarkable power efficiency.

See parts in the Enterprise PCIe SSD part catalog related to this topic.

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Enterprise SAS SSD

Our SAS 6 Gb/s dual-port interface offers the high availability and accessibility needed for applications that require uninterrupted, 24/7 data access.

See parts in the Enterprise SAS SSD part catalog related to this topic.

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Enterprise SATA SSD

Our enterprise-class SSDs leverage the SATA 6 Gb/s interface to provide outstanding performance for enterprise blade servers and system storage.

See parts in the Enterprise SATA SSD part catalog related to this topic.

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MVP Program for Enterprise VARs

Join us—the industry leader in memory solutions—and gain a competitive advantage as a Micron Valued Partner (MVP). The Enterprise Elite MVP Program is designed for specialized resellers who focus on enhancing customers' mission-critical applications such as database management, virtualization, big data, and content delivery solutions.

Learn more about the Enterprise Elite MVP Program

Related Resources for Enterprise Storage
Case Study (6)
Title & Description Secure ID# Updated Type
AddMicron SSDs Provide Storage Muscle for SilverDraft's Supercomputers: (PDF 162.16 KB)The reliability and high performance of Micron’s SSDs help SilverDraft's rendering platforms manage tremendous data rates. 11/2014
AddWorld-Class IaaS Provider CloudSigma Runs on Micron SSDs - A Micron/CloudSigma Case Study: (PDF 173.49 KB) IaaS provider, CloudSigma, uses Micron's M500 SSDs to scale out and scale up to support the easy addition of compute and/or storage resources on-demand and on-the-fly. 07/2014
AddLexisNexis + Micron SSDs = Faster, More Reliable Big Data Analytics: (PDF 210.54 KB)The reliability and performance of Micron’s M500 SSDs help LexisNexis Risk Solutions deliver authentication and risk assessment data on time. 07/2014
AddHow Micron Used Enterprise SSDs to Make Its Multibillion-Dollar Fab Fly - A Micron Case Study: (PDF 399.7 KB) Micron's IS architecture team replaced its SAN-based data management with P400m SSDs and saw immediate, measurable benefits in terms of better performance, simpler administration, and and lower cost. 04/2014
AddUnplugging the Network Storage Bottleneck with Local SSD Storage - A Micron Case Study: (PDF 181.23 KB) Micron's SSD controller group uses our own Micron SSDs to replace an HDD NAS appliance for faster local storage that greatly improves system speed and reliability. 07/2013
AddSoftLayer Technologies and the RealSSD P300 Drive: (PDF 502.18 KB)Beating the Curve: How Micron's RealSSD P300 Drive Plugged Into SoftLayer's Performance Parameters. How Micron's RealSSD P300 proved to be the ideal enterprise SSD to drive data center performance for the world's largest privately owned hosting company. 10/2011
Product Flyer (7)
Title & Description Secure ID# Updated Type
AddP410m Enterprise Solid State Drive (SSD) Product Brief: (PDF 421.16 KB)Micron P410m SSDs provide high quality, reliability, low latency, and superior data protection for enterprise applications. 04/2014
AddMaximize Data Center Performance With Optimized Memory and Storage Solutions: (PDF 725.94 KB) Micron offers a broad portfolio of optimized solutions that deliver improved performance, increased bandwidth with less latency, and improved total cost of ownership. A range of choices—modules for servers and storage arrays, RLDRAM® memory for switch and router packet buffering, SSDs for higher performance and low-power storage, and NOR and NAND Flash for code storage—help businesses scale, simplify, consolidate, and automate, to get the maximum value out of their data centers. 02/2014
AddStorage Segment Flyer : (PDF 584.75 KB)A snapshot of industry trends, the role of memory, and what Micron has to offer for enterprise storage applications—from public and private cloud, virtualization, and big data, to de-duplication, data warehouseing, and data analytics. 09/2013
AddP320h 2.5-Inch PCIe Enterprise SSD Product Brief: (PDF 270.47 KB)Our P320h 2.5-Inch PCIe drive is an industry first—delivering unmatched performance and scalability for servers by integrating high-performance PCIe architecture into a compact, accessible form factor. 03/2013
AddP400e SSD Product Brief: (PDF 79.87 KB)Enabled by our advanced 25nm MLC NAND Flash, our P400e SSD provides reliable high performance for read-intensive enterprise applications such as boot drives, direct-attached storage, blade servers, and primary drives. 03/2013
AddShared PCIe SSD Technology Product Flyer: (PDF 186.33 KB)Benefits of Micron Shared PCIe SSD Technology 08/2012
AddP300 Enterprise SSD Product Brief: (PDF 131.42 KB)RealSSD P300 drives are the industry’s first enterprise-class SSDs to leverage the SATA 6 Gb/s interface, providing stellar performance and low latency for enterprise servers, storage systems, and blade servers. 02/2012
Technical Marketing Brief (15)
Title & Description Secure ID# Updated Type
AddTCO Ramifications of SSD Write Endurance : (PDF 161.54 KB) This paper explains when it is most economical to purchase a low-cost, lower-endurance SSD versus a more expensive, higher-endurance SSD. 10/2014
AddUsing SSDs to Reduce Storage Bottlenecks in Virtualized Environments: (PDF 145.19 KB) Micron’s enterprise-class SSDs can be used to address challenges that can adversely impact server virtualization and VDI implementation. 09/2014
AddAccelerating VMware Virtual SAN With Micron SSDs: (PDF 114.93 KB) This technical brief gives an overview of virtual SANs and explains how Micron's SSDs can be used to take full advantage of a virtual SAN's performance. 07/2014
AddAdvantages of Micron SSDs for Data Centers: (PDF 255.74 KB) Micron’s broad portfolio of solid state drives provides the right storage solutions to meet the diverse requirements of today’s data centers and data centers of the future. 02/2014
AddNAND Flash Media Management Through RAIN: (PDF 794.03 KB) This brief describes the general concept of RAIN (redundant array of independent NAND) protection in enterprise solid state drives (SSDs) and details how this technology benefits Micron's RealSSD products. 11/2013
AddP320h PCIe SSD Boot Storm Testing in Virtualized Environments: (PDF 948.62 KB)This technical brief provides an overview of using the P320h as a virtual storage device in VMware and describes how the P320h performs in comparison to traditional deployments using HDDs and NAS devices during boot storm events. 05/2013
AddMicron SSDs Offer a Superior Solution for Accelerating MySQL Databases: (PDF 341.88 KB)Micron SSDs accelerate MySQL databases by providing dramatically faster random data access and higher I/O throughput. 04/2013
AddSSDs for Big Data – Fast Processing Requires High-Peformance Storage: (PDF 354.29 KB)SSDs are a popular solution for big data applications, but not all deployments are the same and not all SSDs are the same. Workload performance and endurance requirements should be considered before deciding between enterprise or personal storage SSDs. 04/2013
AddThe Business Case for PCIe SSDs: (PDF 187.32 KB)Overview of the reliability, accessibility, serviceability, and overall cost reduction that PCIe SSDs offer. 03/2013
AddEvaluating SSD Manufacturers: Why NAND Expertise Matters: (PDF 186.96 KB)Not all SSDs are created equal; it's important to consider a manufacturer's NAND Flash expertise before purchasing an SSD. 03/2013
AddXPERT Enhancements for SSDs Technical Marketing Brief : (PDF 521.64 KB)eXtended Performance and Enhanced Reliability Technology (XPERT) is a suite of Micron-designed storage architecture enhancements that greatly improve SSD performance and reliability. XPERT extends drive life and ensures data integrity. 02/2013
AddThe Effect of Host Data Patterns on SSD Write Performance: (PDF 434.23 KB)Despite their deceptively similar appearance, SSDs are not functionally identical to rotating drives (HDDs). This technical marketing brief focuses on one key way in which these devices differ: the effect that traffic patterns have on write performance. 12/2012
AddBest Practices for SSD Performance Measurement: (PDF 1 MB)SSDs have pronounced write-history sensitivity, which means that they have unique requirements for accurately measuring their performance. This technical marketing brief documents how Micron measures enterprise SSD performance. 09/2012
AddMedia Management in Solid State Drives: Multistep WRITE Operations: (PDF 823.8 KB)SSDs write data differently than conventional rotating hard drives (HDDs)—in a multistep process versus a single-step process. This brief examines the multistep write process for SSDs. 04/2012
AddA Comparison of Client and Enterprise SSD Data Path Protection: (PDF 636.4 KB)This technical marketing brief details and compares the key data path protection features that are designed into Micron’s RealSSD™ client and enterprise drives. 11/2011
Technical Note (3)
Title & Description Secure ID# Updated Type
AddM500DC SSD SMART Implimentation – SMART Command Feature Set for the M500DC: (PDF 339 KB)This technical note provides the self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology (SMART) command (B0h) feature set for the M500DC. TN-FD-26 08/2014
AddTN-FD-14: P400m SSD SMART Implementation for FW0100/0200/0225: (PDF 747.51 KB)This technical note provides the SMART command (0xB0) feature set for the P400m SSD Firmware 0100, 0200, and 0225. TN-FD-14 06/2013
AddTN-FD-16: P400e SSD SMART Implementation for FW0152: (PDF 740.66 KB)This technical note provides the SMART command (B0h) feature set for the P400e SSD Firmware 0152. tn-fd-16 02/2013
Tool (1)
Title & Description Secure ID# Updated Type
AddP410m Compatibility Guide: The P410m compatibility guide is a list of platforms in which Micron has confirmed interoperability with our P410m SSDs.
White Paper (3)
Title & Description Secure ID# Updated Type
AddHow Micron SSDs Handle Unexpected Power Loss: (PDF 357.41 KB) This paper discusses the data protection schemes employed by Micron's SSDs to protect against unexpected power loss. 10/2014
AddHow System Settings Impact PCIe SSD Performance: (PDF 713.67 KB)This white paper discusses various system settings that can be tuned and adjusted to achieve maximum performance from PCIe SSDs. 08/2012
AddSSD Performance States: (PDF 300.95 KB)Discusses performance states for NAND-based SSDs and discusses performance measured as variability over time and amount of data written. 04/2011

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Events for Enterprise Storage
Choosing the Right Nand
Webinar: 3 Keys To Choosing the Right Server Flash

In this webinar, Micron and Storage Switzerland demonstrate the importance of understanding the workload first, selecting the right flash use method, and selecting the right flash hardware.

Register for the webinar
All Topics Under Products and Support
Automotive Solutions

With Micron, you don’t just get a memory supplier—you get a long-term partner with a complete portfolio of stable and reliable automotive solutions and the technical expertise to help optimize your design.

Personal Storage

In the client SSD storage segment, the focus is on everything ultrathin—sleek, thin, and fast Ultrabook™ devices, ultrathin clients, convertibles, and tablets.

Data Center

Data centers are rapidly moving toward massive scale and efficiency—a transformation driven by virtualization, centralization, and cloud computing.


Today’s embedded systems are facing growing computational challenges. Our innovative memory solutions can help you deliver higher performance, efficiency, and reliability in your application.

Mobile Memory Solutions

Our low-power memory enables you to provide advanced products that deliver the kind of rich, immersive mobile experience that users expect.

Networking Solutions

The mobility revolution continues to drive the exploding demand for networking bandwidth. We’re addressing this challenge with new memory solutions that deliver equally revolutionary results.

Supercomputing Memory

To support the sophisticated capabilities and rigorous requirements of high-performance supercomputing platforms, we offer best-in-class solutions that deliver power efficiency, performance, and reliability for critical workloads.

Ultrathin Solutions

If you’re designing an Ultrabook™ device, a convertible, or a tablet, we provide industry-leading solutions that enable the features consumers demand—instant-on response, fast application load times, longer battery life, and sleeker designs.

Enterprise Storage

Built to withstand the big demands of virtualized environments, our high-IOPS, low-latency SSDs can dramatically reduce storage bottlenecks and improve performance and efficiency in virtualized servers, applications, and desktops.