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NOR Security Overview

Security Features for Flash Memory

Manufacturers around the world must protect their intellectual property (IP) in everything from consumer electronics to wired and wireless communications equipment. Protecting systems from unintentional overwrites, malicious attacks and cloning is essential, yet it costs manufacturers and service providers millions of dollars each year.

Micron delivers innovative flash memory security solutions to meet this growing challenge. Our expansive portfolio of security solutions enables system manufacturers to protect data from accidental or intentional corruption, as well as unauthorized IP copying or cloning. Hardware, software and combination solutions deliver the flexibility designers need to protect data or IP stored in flash, software and firmware.

Krypto® Security Technologies

We have been developing flash memory security solutions for an extended period of time.  Included in our portfolio are the Krypto® Security Technologies. Krypto is a family of security technologies that provides system-level and intellectual property (IP) protection through read, write and erase schemes.

  • Krypto® Encrypted Access - Protects blocks from being read or modified by requiring a 64-bit password
  • Krypto® Password Access - Enables blocks to be set for OTP, and protect blocks from being read or modified by requiring a 64-bit password
  • Krypto® Flex Lock - Software and hardware method of preventing writes or erases of blocks
  • Krypto® Authenticated Operations – Provides read and modify memory protection with key algorithm

Krypto Security Technologies

NOR Flash Security Features

Security features are available in a broad range of NOR products in our portfolio, including
  • One-Time Programming
  • Password Protect
  • OTP Space
  • Non-Volatile Block Locking
  • Volatile Block Locking
  • Hardware Write Protection

NOR Flash Security Features