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Micron Products

Short-Reach HMC

Our short-reach (SR) Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) SERDES PHY form factor provides data throughput unlike any other memory device on the market today. It’s designed for systems that use standard FBGA packaging and is an ideal point-to-point memory solution for ASIC, CPU, and ASSP devices.

Our SR HMC is available in two package sizes. The 31mm x 31mm package provides full 160 GB/s bandwidth. The 16mm x 19.5mm package is available for designs requiring a smaller form factor and is optimal for systems using less-than-full bandwidth.

By Density

Density Interface Voltage Package Op. Temp.
4GB 15G SR 1.2V BGA, FBGA 0C to +95C
2GB 15G SR 1.2V BGA 0C to +95C
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By Application



Memory and storage solutions that meet peak performance requirements.

Power Efficiency

Power Efficiency

Optimized energy efficiency that is key for next-generation supercomputers.



Highly reliable, rigorously tested devices that meet the demand for efficiency and resiliency.

Big Bandwidth


Delivers revolutionary results for networking applications.


Title & Description Updated Type
Product Marks/Product and Packaging Labels (pdf) Explains product part marking, and product and packaging labels.
10/2015 Customer Service Note Add Email
HMC Gen2 Power Calculator (xlsx) Power Calculator Spreadsheet for the HMC Gen2 family, v0.54 09/2015 Power Calculator Add Email
Short-Reach HMC FAQs Answers to frequently asked questions about our Short-Reach HMC. 06/2015 Frequently Asked Questions Add Email
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On-Package Memory

Intel's Xeon PhiTM Performance Unleashed by Micron's On-Package Memory

Knights Landing, Intel’s next-generation Xeon Phi™ CPU architecture, leverages the fundamental DRAM and stacking technologies found in our Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) products. This high-performance, on-package memory enables Knights Landing to provide industry-leading performance, energy efficiency, and the reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) capabilities essential to the success of high-performance computing (HPC) systems.

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