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Your Innovation, Our Memory

Your Innovation, Our Memory

Emerging technologies require innovation on a whole new scale. See how we partner closely with our customers to gain unique insights about how we can optimize our memory solutions to enable your innovations—and help you change the world.

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Memory for Automotive

Memory for Automotive

Technology is reshaping the concept of driving. Automakers are developing countless new driver-assistance features and systems. See how Micron’s memory solutions are helping to enable these new supercomputing capabilities.

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About Micron

Where there's memory, there's Micron

Engineered for Innovation

For more than 30 years Micron has redefined innovation by designing, developing, and manufacturing some of the world’s most advanced technologies.

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Elpida is Now Micron

Elpida Is Now Micron

With the combined strength of our products, technology, and team members—our customers now have access to the broadest portfolio of best-in-class technology.

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Game On—Balancing Cost and Performance

The convergence of applications in the graphics and consumer segment is bringing TV, social media, home entertainment, and gaming to end consumers through one piece of equipment. Micron offers one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of market-leading DRAM and nonvolatile memory devices to meet this very competitive segment’s demands for high-performance, cost-efficient memory solutions. We’ve got the memory you need for a broad range of designs, including digital TVs, Blu-ray Disc™ players, video game consoles, portable game systems, personal media players, PC graphics cards, media tablets, cameras, or printers.

DRAM Components

Whether you need SDR or DDR2 to extend the life of an established consumer design or cutting-edge DDR3 or LPDRAM to enable mobile gaming applications to push the performance envelope in a new product, our broad DRAM portfolio fits the bill.

NOR Flash

We offer one of the world’s largest selections of serial (SPI) and parallel NOR Flash densities, packages, and options—purpose-built to meet the design requirements of consumer products.

NAND Flash

Our diverse portfolio of high-density discrete MLC and SLC NAND devices provides distinct features, functionality, and performance to match the specific requirements of consumer and graphics applications for a better cost-per-bit.

Managed NAND

Our e•MMC devices help make technology transitions nearly seamless by handling media management and ECC internally.

Multichip Packages

Whether you’re trying to minimize power consumption, free up board space, increase speed, or do everything at once, our NAND/NOR + DDRx/LPDRAM MCPs can drive your design.

Broad Portfolio
Micron offers one of the industry’s broadest memory portfolios to support graphics and consumer applications, including DRAM, serial NOR, parallel NOR, SLC NAND, and MLC NAND, as well as a range of different managed NAND solutions (e•MMC™ and ClearNAND™ Flash) for the consumer market. We continue innovating our product portfolio to provide dependable memory and one-stop-shopping for our graphics and consumer electronics customers.

Proven Expertise
Our advanced process technology, combined with our track record of design and manufacturing expertise, provides the foundation for our continued development of high-performance memory to support gaming applications. Micron is fully committed to the graphics and consumer segment, working with customers to identify and develop solutions for both current and emerging applications.

Supply Stability
Stability, flexibility, and availability for the long haul are important traits in a memory provider—particularly for consumer applications with highly complex and segmented product lines, such as cameras, printers, and video players.

Memory Brings the Next Level of Gaming
Read Bill Randolph's article about the high-performance memory solutions that enable the optimal gaming experience—and what’s coming next for big graphics gaming.

Graphics and Consumer Applications

Comparing DDR2 to DDR3

Next-generation, high-performance DDR3 pushes the envelope in key areas
like power consumption, signaling speeds, and bandwidth and brings new
levels of performance to desktop, notebook, and server computing

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System Power Calculators
Whether it's calculating battery life for a mobile application, planning cooling for a desktop, or determining the power supply for a server, an accurate power budget for the memory is essential.

Mobile Engineering Services
Optimize your mobile design and ease your development process with our NANDcode™ Software, processor-optimization tech notes, and system compatibility reports. It’s all available to our customers on our Mobile Engineering Secure Site.

NOR Flash Security Features
Micron's expansive portfolio of security solutions enables system manufacturers to protect data from accidental or intentional corruption, as well as unauthorized IP copying or cloning.

Parallel NOR Competitor Cross-Reference Guide
Need to compare Micron’s parallel NOR products to other NOR devices out on the market? Our handy Parallel NOR Competitor Cross-Reference Guide provides the specifications you need to map competitors’ devices to the corresponding Micron parts.

Comparing DDR to DDR2
Learn more about your memory options through our brief comparison of DDR and DDR2 features and functions. We compare package, performance, power consumption, throughput, signal integrity and more in our technology comparison table.

  • Graphic cards – DDR3, SPI NOR
  • Game consoles – SPI NOR, SLC NAND, managed NAND
  • Digital TV (DTV) – DDR2, DDR3, SPI NOR, parallel NOR, SLC NAND, MLC NAND, e•MMC™
  • Digital cameras – DDR2, DDR3, SPI NOR, parallel NOR, SLC NAND, multi-chip packages (MCP) (NAND/NOR + DDRx SDRAM/low-power DRAM)
  • Printers – SDR, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, SPI NOR, parallel NOR, SLC NAND, MLC NAND
  • MP3 players – MLC NAND, ClearNAND™ Flash
  • Tablets – LPDDR2, DDR3, SPI NOR, SLC NAND, e•MMC, ClearNAND  Flash