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CellularRAM® memory is a pseudo-static DRAM (PSRAM) device that features an SRAM-like architecture, hidden refresh operation, and SRAM pin-compatibility. This hybrid memory delivers the best of SRAM and DRAM features, combining low power consumption and high-speed read and write functions. Because CellularRAM memory also offers synchronous operations, fast access, and variable latency initial burst access, you get high throughput and excellent performance. It's an ideal solution for low-power, space-limited designs like MCPs, as well as mobile and industrial applications.

By Density

Density Width I/O Voltage Core Voltage Access Time Package
128Mb x16 1.7V-3.6V 1.7V-1.95V 85ns, 70ns VFBGA
64Mb x16 1.7V-3.3V 1.7V-1.95V 70ns VFBGA
32Mb x16 1.7V-3.6V, 1.7V-3.3V 1.7V-1.95V 70ns VFBGA
16Mb x16 1.7V-3.3V 1.7V-1.95V 70ns VFBGA
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Title & Description Updated Type
Shipping Quantities (pdf) Provides standard part quantities for shipping.
01/2015 Customer Service Note Add Email
DRAM Component Part Numbering System (pdf) Part numbering guide for DDR4/DDR3/DDR2/DDR/SDR SDRAM, Mobile LPDRAM, and RLDRAM components 12/2014 Part Numbering Guide Add Email
Micron BGA Manufacturer's User Guide (pdf) Provides information to enable customers to easily integrate both leading-edge and legacy Micron's ball grid array (BGA) packages into their manufacturing processes. It is intended as a set of high-level guidelines and a reference manual describing typical package-related and manufacturing process-flow practices.
12/2014 Customer Service Note Add Email
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