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Data Sheets (1)

Data Sheet
Data Sheet Updated 05/2007


Orderable Parts for: MT45W2MW16PGA-70 IT
Status Media FBGA Code SPD Data Chipset
PLP Start Date Alternative Part
MT45W2MW16PGA-70 IT Contact Factory N/A PW751 N/A N/A No N/A
Detailed Specifications
Density 32Mb Part Status Contact Factory RoHS Green Depth 2Mb
Width x16 I/O Voltage 1.7V-3.6V Core Voltage 1.7V-1.95V Read/Write Mode Async/Page
Package VFBGA Pin Count 48-ball Access Time 70ns Op. Temp. -40C to +85C

Sim Models & Software

Sim Model (2)
Title & Description Updated Type
IBIS: CellularRAM 32Mb P24Z (zip)
06/2007 Sim Model Add Email
Verilog: CellularRAM 32Mb P24Z (zip) 3.8
02/2008 Sim Model Add Email

RoHS Certificates

Title & Description Updated Type
RoHS Certificate of Compliance (PDF) Part-specific certification of how this product meets the requirements of the current DIRECTIVE 2002/95/EC, a.k.a. Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. 07/2015 RoHS Certification Add Email
China RoHS Certificate (PDF) Part-specific certification as required by China's Management Methods for Controlling Pollution by Electronic Information Products. 07/2015 RoHS Certification Add Email

Documentation & Support

Technical Note (34)
Title & Description Updated Type
TN-00-32: Effect of X-Ray Radiation on Integrated Circuits and Techniques to Minimize Damage (pdf) This document explains that using ionizing or non-ionizing x-ray radiation to perform quality verifications of integrated circuit components can potentially damage the components depending on the amount of radiation that is absorbed. 04/2015 Technical Note Add Email
SEMI Wafer Map Format (pdf) Micron has adopted the wafer map file format approved by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI). With SEMI formatting, Micron's customers can be confident they will always receive consistent, compatible, reliable map files.
03/2014 Technical Note Add Email
Recommended Soldering Parameters (pdf) Defines the recommended soldering techniques and parameters for Micron Technology, Inc., products.
12/2012 Technical Note Add Email
Bypass Capacitor Selection for High-Speed Designs (pdf) Describes bypass capacitor selection for high-speed designs.
03/2011 Technical Note Add Email
Micron Wire-Bonding Techniques (pdf) This technical note provides guidance on wire bonding techniques for both nickel-palladium (NiPd) and aluminum (Al) bond pads on Micron products.
11/2010 Technical Note Add Email
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Customer Service Note (5)
Title & Description Updated Type
Product Marks/Product and Packaging Labels (pdf) Explains product part marking, and product and packaging labels.
05/2015 Customer Service Note Add Email
Shipping Quantities (pdf) Provides standard part quantities for shipping.
01/2015 Customer Service Note Add Email
Micron BGA Manufacturer's User Guide (pdf) Provides information to enable customers to easily integrate both leading-edge and legacy Micron's ball grid array (BGA) packages into their manufacturing processes. It is intended as a set of high-level guidelines and a reference manual describing typical package-related and manufacturing process-flow practices.
12/2014 Customer Service Note Add Email
Micron Component and Module Packaging (pdf) Explanation of Micron packaging labels and procedures.
11/2014 Customer Service Note Add Email
PCN/EOL Systems (pdf) Explains Micron's product change notification and end-of-life systems.
04/2012 Customer Service Note Add Email

Tool (2)
Title & Description Updated Type
FBGA Decoder Micron's FBGA Part Marking Decoder makes it easier to understand part marking. 12/2014 Tool Add Email
DRAM Design Analysis Kits (html) The platform-independent storage module PISMO™ specifications address these issues by providing a standard for convenient, interchangeable memory test boards. PISMO boards significantly reduce design inefficiencies, providing a huge benefit for the short development cycles of consumer products. 10/2008 Tool Add Email

Where to Buy

Orderable Parts
Status Media FBGA Code SPD Data Chipset
PLP Start Date Alternative Part
MT45W2MW16PGA-70 IT Contact Factory N/A PW751 N/A N/A No N/A
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